Just Before the Selection of Courses During TNEA Counselling

Won’t you completely get astonished if a person u meet, says, “I quit engineering college after two years of study, only to find that my inclination was for science”. But, later says that he is a lawyer. When you hear such a statement would furthermore bewilder you, isn’t it?

This is what actually happens if you are not careful with the selection of courses. Some students suffer a lot just because of the wrong choice of courses. Neither, they are unable to do well nor know how to come out of the commitment that they made, at last bear the brunt of wrong decision. Generally those who select courses out of parental compulsion, or any other external pressure suffer from this sort of problem. To avoid such gloom, be careful while selecting the course. Very few students make the right choice.

Course and the College: Students while deciding the course should simultaneously decide the college too. Food tastes better when served best. Similarly those students who study in the best colleges will comparatively have a better and smoother future. Friends’ environment will be at its best in the top colleges. Good friends circle will eventually lead to success.

Having studied in a reputed institution by itself a symbol of pride. But don’t get carried away by such fancies and pick a course, which is not of your interest. If you have a strong disliking for numbers even the best college cannot teach you mathematics. So always go by your interests. Because you will understand an issue only if you have interested in it. You can determine your liking, when you finish of your 12th board examination. So start your journey knowing the destiny.

Don’t be emotional: It is not wise to be emotional while taking important decisions. If we jump into conclusions it will be futile. There are some instances when a student opts for medicine, just because most of their family members are doctors. But only after taking up the course, the student may recognize that his liking is for computer science. By then, the entire period of study would prove miserable for the student.

Apart from that reactions would be adverse, when some students select the same course, just because they are all friends. Friendship is different from education, don’t mix and make a mess of it.

Interest is the ultimate factor: First, identify your interest. It may be anything from writing, music, drawing, designing, science, to computers. Depending on the interest factor pick the course. Never pay heed to external compulsions. If you go by your liking, you can shine well.

Students with good interpersonal skills and communication skills would always select courses related to Mass Communication, Journalism and Human resources. If you are a good reader, take pleasure in reading poetry, essays and other literary pieces then you could get admitted to Language and Literature courses. This would help you in becoming a professor in future. Visual Communication course would help students with cinema related ambitions.

Students who nurture and utilize his interest to the maximum succeeds in life. So students be careful in selecting the courses.
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