To excel in engineering counseling one needs to follow some hard and fast rules. If you are not going to strictly adhere to the rules and re...

To excel in Engineering Counseling TNEA

To excel in Engineering Counseling TNEA

To excel in Engineering Counseling TNEA

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To excel in engineering counseling one needs to follow some hard and fast rules. If you are not going to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations you will have to bear the brunt. Considering that a detailed note of advice has been given below.

General information about counseling: First and foremost thing is not to brood over the exam results. If you have secured low marks, stop lamenting and think about the next step to carry out. Try to find a course of your interest that would be offered for the marks you have scored.

Last years statistics show that, 1 lakh and 20 thousand students have obtained admission into engineering colleges. This figure is not a part of the minority college seats and management seats. So don’t panic whether you would get admission into engineering college.

The decision about the choice of college and the course should be jointly done by the parents and the students. Shortlist at least ten colleges and then select one among them. In selecting the courses, it is the interest of the students that should be given much consideration. All other advices from friends, relatives should just be considered as supportive factors. Never decide the college and course on based on such an influence. The key factors to be looked into before selecting colleges are quality of faculty, research facility, Ratio of Professors to Lecturers or Asst.Professors and Infrastructure. Another important factor to be considered is the tenure of the principal. Because, if the principal of the colleges seem to be changing frequently, that indirectly implies that there is no healthy management in the institution.

Check the fee structure of the college before joining the college. Analyse whether the fees mentioned is affordable for you. Check in the college booklet for detailed description of fees structure. If any of the colleges demand more fees than that is prescribed in the booklet, you can lodge a complaint with the Directorate of Technical Education.

Before selecting a college make a visit to the college. Personally, look into the infrastructure and other facilities. If possible try to speak with the students of that college. They would be in a better position to explain about the pros and cons of that college.

Admission is done through definite allotment of certain percentage for various segments of the society. There are some quota privileges that children of ex- servicemen can avail. Students can also get seats under sports quota. Those who apply under the sports quota will have to show a promising record in sports for the past four years. Other criteria will not be looked into, for those who apply under sports quota.

Counseling for the physically challenged will be conducted ahead of the general counseling. Physically challenged can avail 3% reservation allotted for them. But then all the 3 percentage of reservation never gets filled. So most of the times the remaining seats are included in the general category later.

Nativity Certificate: If the student has studied in Tamilnadu from class 8 to class 12, he will be considered as Tamil Nadu student. Otherwise he/she would have to obtain nativity certificate. Children of IAS and IPS officers of Tamilnadu cadre, are eligible to contest under general category. Children of Sri Lankan refugees also come under the general category.

Engineering admission does not have any age limit. However there is an upper ceiling limit for entering into Marine Engineering. 25 years has been fixed as the upper age limit. Females cannot apply for Mining course.

While applying for engineering course, kindly make a note of the coding sheet number. Because that is considered as the registration number for the entire counseling process. Apart from that a random number will also be given. If there arises a tie between the students in terms of marks or age, then random number will be used as selection criteria.

All the statistics regarding the counseling will be given in the Anna university website. The counseling process will be updated from time to time. If your application has been rejected on valid grounds, no other go, you have to accept the realty. If the reason being untrue, you can try again. Don’t ever believe in any sort of brokers in getting admissions. They certainly cannot do anything in the admission process.

Maintain your cool when you attend the counseling. Cool and composed nature will help you a lot. If you did not receive a call letter, you need not panic. If you arrive at counseling venue few hours before the process begins, you will be given duplicate call letter.

When you send your application, you need not send the original application. It is enough if you send the copies of the documents. But bring the original certificates when you come for the counseling. It is just for verification.

In the display hall, details regarding the college and the course would be displayed. Don’t discuss about the counseling process with others and panic. Counseling Fee of Rs 5000 should be paid in the form of Demand Draft. SC/ST students can pay a sum of Rs. 1000 as counseling fee. Students can also directly pay at the counseling centre and get a challan. But this has to be done 2 hours before your schedule begins.

Once you pay the fees, your register number will get automatically entered in the computer. So once you pay the fees avoid moving here and there. Because you may be called any time.

Don’t consult anything with the operators in the counseling hall. Don’t ever forget the code number of the colleges. Because there are so many colleges with similar names. It is the code number that differentiates the colleges.

Once you have selected the college, you are entitled to receive the allotment order from 30 minutes to one hour. If you are joining in Anna University, immediately you will be subjected to a medical examination. If you are selecting some other college, you can have your medical examination done at the university campus on the same day itself. Join in the college that you have selected within the stipulated time. Inform the management and get time if you are not able to pay the amount.

Selection of college and Course: Never adopt any foul means to get admission to engineering college. There are huge number of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. So, don’t worry all the applicants are likely to get admission into engineering colleges.

Give importance to government colleges and government aided colleges. Because the fee structure is comparatively lower in these colleges. Next to this consider self-financing colleges. When considering self-financing colleges, consider infrastructure and other criteria’s.

If you are into a good, reputed college don’t bother much about the course. Because the banner would surely earn you a placement. But the don’t completely rely on the college banner. You will have to work hard if you are to succeed. Apart from Chennai best colleges are also there in other cities. So parents should be willing to put their children in such colleges too.

Which is the best course ? : First of all decide whether you would cope up with engineering studies. Because engineering education is not going to be that very easy as the school education. Initially there were only few basic courses. But the scenario has changed now. Some of the new courses that have merged now. ( for eg : Mechanics and electronics have been combined to make mechatronics, biology and technology have been merged to make bio technology. Now there are many courses that are more conducive for the girls.

Never allow a third person’s intervention in the decision making process.

Accept what comes in your way: In Tamil Nadu, there are about 486 self-financing engineering colleges. Apart from that there are 17 constituent colleges, 6 government colleges and 3 government aided colleges. If you are not going to get what you desired for, try to willingly accept what comes in your way.