Worthy courses to choose in B.E/ B.Tech Admissions 2016- Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering

Anna University, Chennai offers a traditional course to revive our culture and ancient technologies and best practices to uplift the backbone of Indian economy in name of Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering. Yes, we are not joking. One such course actually exists in Anna university curriculum and how many of us are aware of it? Also how many parents would actually motivate their children to pursue this course to bring modern technologies into Agriculture? It is indeed a doubt. Now it is an IT era, where sons and daughters of farmers sell their agricultural land to get into some corporate and this speaks volumes about the sorry state of Agriculture in modern India.

With majority of students aspiring for a career in core engineering or IT sector that can pay a hefty sum of pay upfront other less popular streams of engineering such as Agricultural Engineering lie on their shadow. But now students have started to realize that opportunities are not concentrated on a single field and have started exploring lesser known fields as well. So what can we gain by choosing Agricultural Engineer as a profession? The opportunities seem endless as there is not only demand for good Agricultural and Irrigation Engineers but you can also get a sense of satisfaction as you are uplifting an important industry for boosting our nation’s economy. Also we all know that above all, food is essential commodity for our daily life and providing best in class agricultural and irrigation practices is actually a service to the entire human kind itself!

Subjects covered in Agricultural & Irrigational Engineering course:
·        Land measurement
·        Raw materials for crop production
·        Land Resource Science
·        Water Resources
·        Food technology
·        Environmental Science
·        Agricultural Equipment design
·        Remote Sensing
·        Water Irrigation drafting
·        Milk farms and Food Engineering
·        Tractor and other Farm equipments
·        CAD for Agriculture
·        Methods to preserve land fertility and save water

An exclusive agricultural university first of its kind was established in Coimbatore which provides 8 different B.E/ B.Tech courses in these disciplines. The university boasts of a world class infrastructure and coaching staff and is an ideal destination for students seeking admission in Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering.

Job Roles for Agricultural Engineers:
The following are the various positions for which qualified personnels from Agricultural and Irrigational department are hired for:
·        Agricultural Equipment Sales Manager
·        Medical Coder
·        Transcriptionist
·        Quality controller
·        Agricultural Products Collection Manager
·        Food Controller
·        Bank agricultural Loan Manager
·        Agricultural Officer

History & Evolution of Agricultural Engineering:
Agriculture is the science of arts and occupation of cultivating the soil, producing crops and rearing of animals to provide food, wool and other products. Hence it becomes part and parcel of our life as our lives depend on the agricultural food to live. Earlier, farmers were using primitive methods in cultivation, irrigation and farming, but these methods have not yielded fruitful results. Then our government decided to invest on expert knowledge and latest technologies in order to improve the productivity of this industry. And that is when a stream called Agricultural Engineering came into existence.

Agricultural engineering is the branch of engineering that applies engineering science and technology methodologies to the efficient processing and production of food, fiber, fuels and feed. This course is made by merging the principles of plant biology, animal biology, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering and chemical engineering.

Scope of Agricultural Engineering:
Agriculture Engineering is a technologically sophisticated field that offers bright career prospects and opportunities in various sectors across the globe.  Agricultural Professionals are warmly welcomed in various industries and their reputation grows higher if they do post graduation as well in the same discipline. A few of the courses that B.Tech graduates can pursue after their under graduation are as follows:
        ·     M.Tech in Agricultural Engineering
        ·     M.Tech in Farm Machinery and Power Engineering
        ·     M.Tech in Renewable Energy
        ·     M.Tech in Crop Production
        ·     M.Sc in Rural Technology
        ·     PhD in Agro-Informatics
        ·     PhD in Rural Technology

Well-paid careers are available for qualified agricultural engineers in PSUs, central and state government run organisations, agro business firms, research organizations and laboratories, food processing and retail industry, banks and financial corporations and private firms. Agricultural Engineers have bright career prospects. These graduates are even hired by NC Department of Agriculture and NC Department of Transportation.

Job Roles Agricultural Engineers:
       A)  Agricultural Engineer
       B)  Agricultural Crop Engineer
       C)  Agricultural Inspector
       D)  Agricultural Specialist
       E)  Farm Shop Manager
       F)Researcher Environmental
       G) Controls Engineer
       H)  Food Supervisor
       I)   Plant Physiologist
       J) Agronomist Microbiologist
       K)  Soil Scientist
       L) Survey Research Agricultural Engineer

Target companies for fresh Agricultural & Irrigation Engineers:
A few of the top notch Industries and corporate who hire these professionals include:
i)       Farming Industry Consultants
ii)     Agricultural Commodities Processors
iii) AMUL Dairy
iv)  ITC Escorts
v)    Nestle India
vi)  Proagro Seed
viii)Frigorifico Allana

Pay Scale for Agricultural & Irrigation Engineers:

 In the government organizations, salary of a fresher will be somewhere between Rs 20,000/- to Rs 25,000/- per month depending on the candidate’s capability and efficiency. However in private organizations, big MNC's and reputed NGO's, an agriculture engineer is well paid in par with other industry professionals. You can also become a lecturer in an Agricultural University where you will get a decent starting pay of Rs 15000/- per month along with other allowances.

Top Colleges / Universities in India for Agricultural Engineering:
       1) Indian Agricultural Research Institute
       2) New Delhi Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
       3) Coimbatore Punjab Agricultural University
       4) Ludhiana National Dairy Research Institute
       5) Karnal Chaudary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar

Best abroad Colleges / Universities for Agricultural Engineering:
       1) University of Southern Queensland, Australia
       2) Tennessee Tech University, USA
       3) Iowa State University, USA
       4) University of Kentucky
       5) University of Arizona

Hope this article would have ignited your minds and motivated you enough to take up to Agricultural Engineering as a prospective career if not Agriculture as your profession. All candidates who have completed their mandatory education (i.e., Class 12th) or diploma examination can take up this course. So let us pledge to revive our Agriculture industry by becoming successful Agricultural and Irrigation Engineers…

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