Engineering in Tamil Medium – Good or Bad?

Recently i got a mail from a student asking to tell him whether taking Civil engineering or mechnaical engineering in Tamil medium in TNEA 2012 Engineering is a good choice. I am not sure of that yet. No one is sure about that yet.

Engineering in Tamil Medium was introduced in 2 courses Civil engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the academic year 2010-2011. No batch has been passed out and hence no one is sure about the placement or the scope of the course. But here are the advantages and Disadvantages of joining Tamil Medium
Advantages of Joining Tamil Medium In Engineering
1. The only advantage in Tamil Medium is that the students wont know the burden of education. While in English medium, they struggle hard to clear papers, Tamil medium students will go with it easily
Disadvantages of Joining Tamil Medium
These are dis advantages as li8sted by student studying Civil, Tamil Medium in Anna University, Chennai, CEG Campus.

1. There is no Engineering books with tamil as the medium of instruction. SO the students have to study with Photocopied or Xerox materials.

2. No Professor have come from Tamil Medium. So they will teach the lessons in both english and tamil. The students can write the exams in any language. English or Tamil. This is waste of time.

3. Basics in Engineering when written in Tamil are easy to comprehend. But when we take larger concepts, it is very difficult to write down those words in Tamil.

4. There is no pre-defined scope for these courses. No one is sure whether students studying in this course will get a job or not.

5. Some say to learn in your mother tongue.But here, Its not a battle for english or tamil. Here medium of instruction decides the career. When All companies prefer English as the basic qualification to enter into their company, how are we supposed to learn in Tamil Medium.

6. If you want just a degree and not a future, then just take this course


  1. Good idea but no tamil medium books.


  3. engineering in tamil is a good choice. but the university must publish text books in tamil

  4. Whether the degree certificate has been mentioned as tamil or in English

  5. can i refer and write the exams in english alone ; wheather the degree certificate will mention the medium of instruction that is tamil or english

  6. I Am interested in taking engineering course in tamil. but whether it will be mentioned in certificate that i studied in tamil medium.please clarify.

    1. No..They will not mention about the medium of instruction as Tamil...It is same as other people degree certificate. Also what I heard was, there is no separate class for tamil medium students, they will attend the class of english medium students, but they have the freedom to write exam in both english and also in tamil

    2. reallly sir i am a student i want to take it my cutoff is 197 plz reply soon

  7. sir what isthe difference between english medium and tamil medium

  8. In my opinion, people will be divided in two groups. Those ones, who support this idea and another ones, who don't like it. I am curious, what next will be.


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